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Fire and Smoke Damage Removal Plainfield

After a house fire, or commercial building fire, some of the most dangerous environments imagined can be created. We work in exactly these conditions, so you know that as a professional restoration company we take our jobs seriously. We’ll take care of fire damage and smoke damage in any situation.

Fire damage can render your property unsafe, insecure and can even lead to fines by the city sometimes. Here’s another scenario, imagine a nearby property was devastated by fire and you suffer the consequences of the smoke (we call this smoke damage).

Even though smoke damage is more superficial, smoke damage can leave quite a mess on your residential or commercial property. In addition to this it leaves a very distinct and unpleasant odor. In both of these cases, it is required to operate in a timely manner and it is also crucial to have a professional restoration team at your side at all times.

Smoke and soot aren’t the only harmful by-products of a fire either. Whether you extinguished the fire yourself or the emergency services were called to do it, the water or other material that was used to extinguish the blaze may actually be causing damage to your property.

Water that is left behind, that is very often combined with soot and other chemicals from the fire or puff back, needs to be fully drained from the property. If this doesn’t occur then mold and mildew may start to form, even the water itself can cause further damage to furniture and a variety of other items around the home.

In addition to structural and electrical considerations, there are many other potential problems that can happen, including: the presence of asbestos or other hazardous materials, the potential tips you can suffer due to water on floors and/or inadequate lighting, the collapsing or falling of unstable contents, drywall or other items, and last but not least the risks associated with potentially dangerous airborne toxins (some of which can be fatal).

At Water Damage Plainfield we’re proud of the fact that our personnel are trained and experienced in conducting site safety and risk assessments prior to undertaking work in any premises that have sustained fire and smoke damage. We’re confident that we can solve any and all of your problems, so get in touch now!

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True professionals! From the first meeting, our dealings with Water Damage Plainfield has been fresh and informative. The technicians were professional who have extensive background experience in their line of work. We would recommend this company to anyone. Thank You Guys!!

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